Multiple Choice Term Paper Test

While you are in high school, you will probably take several standardized tests. These tests may be designed to measure your abilities in several areas, to show whether you have met state standardized for high school graduation, or to predict how well you will do in college. Most of these tests will be multiple – choices. The following list of reminders will help you score as high as possible on such tests.

  1. Many standardized tests are designed to measure the breath of your knowledge. No one can tell you exactly what questions will be asked. A good night’s sleep will help you far more than any last-minute cramming.
  2. Your score on these tests will normally be evaluated against the score of the other people taking the same test. In other words, a score of 50 means that you did better than half of the people taking the same test and a score of 85 means that you did better than 85 percent of the people taking the test, while 15 percent scored higher than you.
  3. Don’t panic if you can’t answer all the questions. These tests are often designed so that the average student can answer only about half of the questions correctly.
  4. Read all directions carefully. Go over the sample questions on the first page, even if you think you understand the test.
  5. Work quickly and efficiently. On a standardized test, no question is worth more than another, so you should answer the easier questions first, then go back to the more difficult once if you have time.

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