Dissertation Topics and Hints to Write One


When students enter college, they have to write a dissertation that has to be according to the topic of their Majors. In reality, there is a wide range of fields from which you can choose a topic on which a dissertation can be written. Following a few of the categories from which you can choose one to write a paper:

  1. Business    
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Economics    
  4. Education
  5. Engineering    
  6. Law    
  7. Medicine and Nursing
  8. Operations Management    
  9. Politics
  10. Computing
  11. Culture and Fashion
  12. Religion, Theology and Philosophy
  13. Tourism    
  14. Information Systems dissertation
  15. History     HRM – Human Resource Management
  16. Marketing
  17. Finance and Accounting
  18. Media    
  19. Psychology    
  20. Science
  21. Literature
  22. Management

Now let me tell you how you can start and give out a brief introduction of the topic. Let us choose a relatively popular topic for writing a dissertation i.e. computing.

Writing the introduction:

When writing the introduction to a topic such as Computing, you need to define it properly like:

“Computing is the activity of developing innovative technology for hardware and software aspects of computers.”

Once you have given a formal definition, you need to give a brief definition of the whole definition. Add something like the following paragraph after the definition:

“When we talk about computing, we are talking about those aspects of Information Technology (IT) in which the theoretical concepts are thoroughly studied with innovation. Apart from that, the practical aspects of IT are also studied and the theory is tried to convert into practical applications”.

Give a few more details about the definition and Bingo! you are done with the introduction part. Now, you need to go for the body of the writing. But what do you have to write in the body? You need to answer and elaborate the following questions, in order to write a good body of the dissertation.

  1. Mention the possible technologies and techniques that can be used to parse different relational databases, or flat file databases.
  2. What are the various tools that can be used to capture user stories or requirements in the requirement gathering phase of the software development lifecycle?
  3. What are the possible solutions for developing a knowledge database of any organization using computers or ERP systems?
  4. Mention the way how machine learning can detect buying patterns of customers and hence promote advertisement and sales.

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