Communicating with your advisor

Communication with advisor may at times proof fruitless especially if the students have already been getting in their way  since each individual may be having different expectations  of the possible outcome.  Once students feel comfortable with their projects, they are left alone to deal and work on their things through their own ways. Since it is a must that your advisor approves your thesis and other projects, then it is important that you get to improve your ways of communicating with him or her. Communicating with the advisor not only helps one in guiding you through the projects but also providing neutral and genuine perspectives on the education progress.

Some students may be born communicators, but if you are not then it’s the high time that you tried improving your communication skills. If every time you talk to your supervisor feels like you are hitting a wall, then getting good ways of reaching out to him is the best. The mistake most students make is trying to change the supervisor, changing the supervisor will not improve the situation as you are supposed to improve your ways of communicating with him or her.

To start with, you need to work on your styles of communication as they may be blocking smooth flow between a student and a supervisor. Structured ways of communication plays a big role, these include; face to face, regular and short talks with the supervisor. Last but not least you need to always prepare what you are going to talk about between you and the supervisor. This is to avoid touching on unnecessary areas.


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