Education as a career


           There are quite a number of students who would swear that they cannot become teachers. This is simply because they have no idea of how fulfilling this job can be. Before one can join a career, they should understand what it entails. Then they should consider if it is what they want to spend the rest of their lives doing. In the case of a teacher one should have a lot of passion and zeal. This is a job that helps mould children and young adults into responsible and successful adults.

            The love of education and learning is an important value for a teacher. A teacher values education and learning, it is for this reason that he repeats the same thing over and over again until his students understand it. He also offers tutorials to poorly performing students without complaining. Patience is also a quality a teacher should have. There are students who learn quickly and others who learn slowly. A teacher should be patient with slow learners and keep encouraging them to catch up with the rest. Teachers should also be good disciplinarians. A lot of things are based in discipline. If a student is not disciplined his education and other school activities are bound to fail. A witty teacher knows how to discipline his students.

            A teacher also has a chance to use his hobbies and talents. If he was good in drama or a sport, he can couch the students in the school and help them nurture their talents. Extra curriculum activities allow teachers to use their extra skills. A teacher can also be enabled to do more as a principal or educational officer. All this and many more are opportunities for teachers. When one feels that they cannot teach anymore, they have the chance to transfer their abilities to business or other careers.


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