How to enjoy your PhD

Studying and working on a PhD program is not a mean feat. A good number of students have been disillusioned by their PhDs at a very early stage. But this is because they have misplaced expectations about it. Here is how to effortlessly enjoy working on your PhD program.

First and foremost: choose your project wisely. Nothing guarantees comfort than choosing your project – and your supervisor – wisely. An ill-matched project can entirely make your life a complete misery. Not to mention, a total waste of time and money. Be wise. Consult if you can.

Be prepared psychologically for any setbacks. Letting your mind know, in advance, that it should expect the unexpected is a winning trait. At one point of your research work – despite your efforts – things will sadly go wrong. Thus, it is prudent to take time and be patient while at it.

Devote yourself entirely to the PhD program. It is the only way you can enjoy what you are doing. And a being a crucial time in your career, setting time exclusively for your research goes without saying. In other words, you have no time any luxuries whatsoever.

Be reliable. Enjoying your PhD program means being reliable at all times – even when you feel you cannot. Since you will be working hand-in-hand with your supervisor, make certain that you follow through and stick to your words. Communicate and always avail yourself for any meeting.

Be a professional at all times. Working on a PhD program demands that you be accurate, careful and scrupulous. Let your supervisor trust your results. Be strict with your time and reward yourself for any major achievements done during your research. As a full time researcher, make certain to tell the difference between being professional and being a perfectionist


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