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How to enjoy your PhD

Studying and working on a PhD program is not a mean feat. A good number of students have been disillusioned by their PhDs at a very early stage. But this is because they have misplaced expectations about it. Here is how to effortlessly enjoy working on your PhD program.

First and foremost: choose your project wisely. Nothing guarantees comfort than choosing your project – and your supervisor – wisely. An ill-matched project can entirely make your life a complete misery. Not to mention, a total waste of time and money. Be wise. Consult if you can.

Be prepared psychologically for any setbacks. Letting your mind know, in advance, that it should expect the unexpected is a winning trait. At one point of your research work – despite your efforts – things will sadly go wrong. Thus, it is prudent to take time and be patient while at it.

Devote yourself entirely to the PhD program. It is the only way you can enjoy what you are doing. And a being a crucial time in your career, setting time exclusively for your research goes without saying. In other words, you have no time any luxuries whatsoever.

Be reliable. Enjoying your PhD program means being reliable at all times – even when you feel you cannot. Since you will be working hand-in-hand with your supervisor, make certain that you follow through and stick to your words. Communicate and always avail yourself for any meeting.

Be a professional at all times. Working on a PhD program demands that you be accurate, careful and scrupulous. Let your supervisor trust your results. Be strict with your time and reward yourself for any major achievements done during your research. As a full time researcher, make certain to tell the difference between being professional and being a perfectionist


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Keep your brain sharp by the technique of lifelong learning


          This can be achieved by reading or even grasping something new each and every day as a way of ensuring your knowledge is being renewed each and every day. After learning new things, you should always list them down in order to gauge your level of learning. If these news things need some further clarification then you should take that as a challenge. Keeping your brain young is not only in reading but also engaging in games which involves exercising the mind. These games include; chess, jigsaw, Sudoku and even quizzes related to science and other fields. Improve your memory by always engaging in these games as a way of relaxing.

             Focus your brains by determining how much you can concentrate since without focus learning cannot take place. Improve your vocabulary and strengthen your knowledge each and every day. Learning can also take place through artificial means; this can be done through challenging computer. This is where one involves the computer on one to one knowledge challenge. It is healthy as a way of trying to keep up with the new technology and even improving knowledge. In order to have a healthy mind and brains which are relevant in retaining the knowledge acquired, you must eat well. By doing this you ensure you get the right balanced diet necessary for enhancing your brain power as well as for the whole body. You must also incorporate good diet with good exercise.

            To sum it all, you must as well have a wide variety of knowledge by which you’re sourcing your knowledge from. Lastly, it is always good to engage one in things that really excite you. Therefore, it is important to engage in games that will really work for you instead of involving yourself in things that you are not really attracted to.

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Education as a career


           There are quite a number of students who would swear that they cannot become teachers. This is simply because they have no idea of how fulfilling this job can be. Before one can join a career, they should understand what it entails. Then they should consider if it is what they want to spend the rest of their lives doing. In the case of a teacher one should have a lot of passion and zeal. This is a job that helps mould children and young adults into responsible and successful adults.

            The love of education and learning is an important value for a teacher. A teacher values education and learning, it is for this reason that he repeats the same thing over and over again until his students understand it. He also offers tutorials to poorly performing students without complaining. Patience is also a quality a teacher should have. There are students who learn quickly and others who learn slowly. A teacher should be patient with slow learners and keep encouraging them to catch up with the rest. Teachers should also be good disciplinarians. A lot of things are based in discipline. If a student is not disciplined his education and other school activities are bound to fail. A witty teacher knows how to discipline his students.

            A teacher also has a chance to use his hobbies and talents. If he was good in drama or a sport, he can couch the students in the school and help them nurture their talents. Extra curriculum activities allow teachers to use their extra skills. A teacher can also be enabled to do more as a principal or educational officer. All this and many more are opportunities for teachers. When one feels that they cannot teach anymore, they have the chance to transfer their abilities to business or other careers.

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Communicating with your advisor

Communication with advisor may at times proof fruitless especially if the students have already been getting in their way  since each individual may be having different expectations  of the possible outcome.  Once students feel comfortable with their projects, they are left alone to deal and work on their things through their own ways. Since it is a must that your advisor approves your thesis and other projects, then it is important that you get to improve your ways of communicating with him or her. Communicating with the advisor not only helps one in guiding you through the projects but also providing neutral and genuine perspectives on the education progress.

Some students may be born communicators, but if you are not then it’s the high time that you tried improving your communication skills. If every time you talk to your supervisor feels like you are hitting a wall, then getting good ways of reaching out to him is the best. The mistake most students make is trying to change the supervisor, changing the supervisor will not improve the situation as you are supposed to improve your ways of communicating with him or her.

To start with, you need to work on your styles of communication as they may be blocking smooth flow between a student and a supervisor. Structured ways of communication plays a big role, these include; face to face, regular and short talks with the supervisor. Last but not least you need to always prepare what you are going to talk about between you and the supervisor. This is to avoid touching on unnecessary areas.

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How to get rid of all the problems of dissertation writing

          Dissertation problems are faced by every student. The first problem is choosing a dissertation topic. When choosing a dissertation topic one can ease the problem by consulting their advisor. Also one can research on previously worked on topics and create it from there. This information could be found on the net or library. Another problem arises on how to handle the chosen topic.

            This can be solved by consulting students who have worked on that topic before this will give a rough idea on how to approach the topic. Also one can Google previous works and see the variety of approaches and choose the comfortable one. Formatting the dissertation is another problem. One is sometimes confused by the format offered by the school. Choosing the section to put each sub topic becomes a major problem. Constantly consulting the advisor ensures you remain in the right track.

            Another way to get rid of dissertation problems would be to hire a professional writing company to write it for you. The companies have professional writers who gladly do the work for a little price. Some of these companies specialise in writing thesis papers. However one has to choose a writing company wisely. You are assigned a writer with whom you work on your dissertation till the end. This way you share ideas and ensure you write an original and plagiarism free paper. Image

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What are the Available Resources for Your Dissertation?

     Dissertation writing is one of the most important tasks of the academic lives of the students of PhD who love to have their degree as soon as possible but there are many issues that they have to come across within their academic writing assignments. They students have to encounter issues as to the selection of topic as well as finding different resources in order to get their assignments done quite in time without bothering about the submission issues. They have to deal with proofreading and editing issues even when they think they are done with their assignments. Their final submissions are not their final versions. There are many things in fact but what play a very important role in putting the contents into the dissertations are the resources that are limited most of the time and mostly depend on the topic the students have selected.

     The students have to deal with such issues when they are of the view that they are unable to write. There are a good number of students who rely on ready-made resources that are custom writing services. It might come out to be a resource to be exploited but suggested only in the case of emergencies. Moreover, resorting to these resources also calls for doing away with the moral issues to an extent.

     The next available resources that the students can put to use with a simple ease are the internet, syllabus books, journals, magazines, library books and other publications. You can also get from your parents and teachers as well in respect of the dissertation writing process. You just need to know who can be helpful. See who around you has done mastery in the same subject you are going to write about. This would certainly be of lots of help and coordination.

     Whatever the resources are within your reach should be exploited by you to the greatest extent so that you could win outstanding grades for your work and research within your dissertation. You would have to develop a researching mind with analytical skills in order to know what can be put to use as regards the research and the relevant technique. You would find it very easy to run through these resources if you are aiming at the main purpose and that is the research in the subject you are going to cover in your dissertation. Write what is reliable and finally let the reader decide how you have done with the assignment.Image

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Dissertation Topics and Hints to Write One


When students enter college, they have to write a dissertation that has to be according to the topic of their Majors. In reality, there is a wide range of fields from which you can choose a topic on which a dissertation can be written. Following a few of the categories from which you can choose one to write a paper:

  1. Business    
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Economics    
  4. Education
  5. Engineering    
  6. Law    
  7. Medicine and Nursing
  8. Operations Management    
  9. Politics
  10. Computing
  11. Culture and Fashion
  12. Religion, Theology and Philosophy
  13. Tourism    
  14. Information Systems dissertation
  15. History     HRM – Human Resource Management
  16. Marketing
  17. Finance and Accounting
  18. Media    
  19. Psychology    
  20. Science
  21. Literature
  22. Management

Now let me tell you how you can start and give out a brief introduction of the topic. Let us choose a relatively popular topic for writing a dissertation i.e. computing.

Writing the introduction:

When writing the introduction to a topic such as Computing, you need to define it properly like:

“Computing is the activity of developing innovative technology for hardware and software aspects of computers.”

Once you have given a formal definition, you need to give a brief definition of the whole definition. Add something like the following paragraph after the definition:

“When we talk about computing, we are talking about those aspects of Information Technology (IT) in which the theoretical concepts are thoroughly studied with innovation. Apart from that, the practical aspects of IT are also studied and the theory is tried to convert into practical applications”.

Give a few more details about the definition and Bingo! you are done with the introduction part. Now, you need to go for the body of the writing. But what do you have to write in the body? You need to answer and elaborate the following questions, in order to write a good body of the dissertation.

  1. Mention the possible technologies and techniques that can be used to parse different relational databases, or flat file databases.
  2. What are the various tools that can be used to capture user stories or requirements in the requirement gathering phase of the software development lifecycle?
  3. What are the possible solutions for developing a knowledge database of any organization using computers or ERP systems?
  4. Mention the way how machine learning can detect buying patterns of customers and hence promote advertisement and sales.

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